Sour Love

While entering the administration block entrance, I overheard somebody spell my phone contact since the reception for the security office is just opposite the entrance.

” Leave it, he is here”, Betty jumped up and down crying. She turned to me, ” Sam, you mean when I call you can’t even heed to my call? I told Kevin to call you and both of you come to the security office . Imagine how the security could have misunderstood me? You could even have come earlier before they came for you? ” I was puzzled. What the hell is happening? So you mean already the security was searching for me? Why? And Kevin never told me. I looked at him, he too seemed uneasy, confused. I could tell from his eyes, they were big as balls.

I asked Betty, ” What do you mean? I mean, I don’t have a clue of all what you’re talking about! “. He changed her tone, ” Cool sam, I was to come to your place,remember? But security men came looking for me and said I must write a statement about… “, she was cut short by the security guard who was holding my hands together, ” Are we coming to case or taking you to Valentine? You will have your time after this”, he pushed me to the side where the guard on duty was seated, “.. the two fools have been fighting at the students center, they need serious punishment. They even don’t seem to bother. Suspension will serve them better “. I took in a very deep breath. I was now sober and was feeling traumatised by what is unfolding every minute. I cursed myself and bend my head to hide the tears which were forming in my eyes.

“Who started the fight?, ” the officer in charge asked. This time my heart was burning with anger but I never wanted to show it. Tears were slowly forming in my eyes but I had to control them. In the first place I never wanted Betty, who has been crushing on me, to see my tears. I wanted to speak out when Kevin interjected, ” That man is the initiator of everything here. I just asked him what business he had with my girlfriend but instead of answering he barked back to me wanted to know what I could do. He was… “, the soldier cut him short. He turned to me asking ,” Where is his girlfriend, Mr wife snatcher? ” I pointed at Betty, who I realised was looking at me with wet eyes. She gasped loudly before taking a deep breath. I had seen in her face the what-the-hell-is-this look. She posed,looking irritated and facing Kevin, “Ghai, you fought because of me? ”
Kevin must have been amused by the question judging from the way he directed her bloodshot eyes on Betty. Maybe he was wondering why he was the only Betty was blaming but to me, I knew Betty could not betray me. She would always stand with me even when am in the wrong. The officer pointed at Kevin asking him to proceed. Instead he apologized for fighting and said I explain why I was after his girlfriend.
The officer seemed to have understood I had lost my girlfriend. I realized Betty had told them the whole story.

After Dispensary, as she was going to meet Kevin at his room in hostel F, she got a call from the head security guard to go and record a statement. She was too confused for losing such a close friend and since she is that kind of friend that Will stand by you come rain come sunshine, she went. She was yet to meet Kevin and thus had not shared the story of passing away of Vanessa. It was only known by her and I then the security after the nurse on duty forwarded the case. So as she was being interrogated my name surfaced as the boyfriend and the next closest person to be summoned. She never wanted to talk to me, I guess she suspected I was still crying. She texted Kevin to call me and the two of us follow her in the administration building. Instead, Kevin thought it’s a love triangle and decided to first deal with me. The fight.


I was given a foolscap to write my statement as the officer tried to calm Kevin . I must have heard him warn him that I was going through tough time, losing a girlfriend and a serious case waiting me thereafter. He told him the wise and best thing to do was to keep brother company for me to have a sense of identity. All this time Kevin was just nodding while Betty stared me with desperation. We were not given a chance to talk with Betty but I knew mentioning some pills will land her in hot soup. I did my statement and handed it over to the officer.
“Now, when are going to call you tomorrow once the parents of Vanessa come. The case will start after we have a meeting with them and nurses. You must also be there to tell us what you did to our student. There must be something, only that I don’t want you to panic as early as at now. I am going to release you, to go and sleep then tomorrow…. ” Betty could not hide her joy. She jumped up shouting “thank you thank you so so much “. I even wondered. Maybe she thought that we were going to spend the night in Kesses cells.

I started thinking of how my parents would react on hearing that am in a case involving a lost life of a girl and more so, the girl was trying to abort. My father is a lecturer in University of Eldoret and a very strict Disciplinarian. Before becoming a lecture in criminal Justice he was an administration police.
” …and you samike, it must be nasty but take it easy. We are with you and will pray for you during this trial moments”, I heard the guard say when he turned to face me. I at times felt the loss when anyone condoled me. I preferred losing my mind into different thoughts to scrab off the sombre mood. He wished us good night then we left.

Kevin was a few steps ahead of us with his hands tucked in his black leather hood as we followed with Betty. She struggled to make me lively to an extent of holding me across the waist and telling me all sorts of encouragement.


We stood for close to 30 minutes at the junction between hostels K, admin and the academic highway, just next to the National Bank signboard. Betty was residing in J and I in stage so we had to part, for her to follow Kevin who was nowhere to be seen. We hugged and she left.

In my room every thing looked messy. The utensils were dirty and the bed was not made. Since Vanessa feel sick I had never slept in my room. I used to spend in her place looking after my sweet pumpkin. I decided I was not going to cook but rather just sleep and weep to at least vent. I changed to boxer and vest but before I switched the lights off, I heard a knock at the door.
” Sam please open, its Betty. Kevin wants to beat me”.
Without hesitation, I opened for her and locked the door immediately.


****** to be continued.

Questions: Betty is here, She has been crushing on me for a long time. Vanessa is not around.

Why was Kevin beating her? And what will happen if he follows her to my room? Bethel room 5


Sour Love

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I was carried by a pool of thoughts to not trace my phone when I heard it ring.    It was an incoming call from a new number.  I gathered guts and received it “Hello”
A male voice answered from the other end ,” Hello, where are you?” I took not less than five seconds without answering back and trying to connect the voice. I could get it and asked,  ” Who am I talking to please? ”
He answered back, this time round sounding agitated, ”  Am Kevin and want to meet you right now, have got your number from Betty “. I almost felt like asking him where Betty was because it was in very rare cases Kevin called me. He knows am friend to his girlfriend but when I welcome them for either bash, he doesn’t turn up. ” Let’s meet at the Students center in 10 minutes time,” he added before hanging up.

He is a slim, tall and dark guy with a very flat chest unlike mine. Last semester I was frequent visitor to the gym in Nature Springs and it’s where I built my athletic body. The curvings in my chest and biceps were visible when wearing  t shirts. In most cases Betty used to confess how she was craving for my hangouts, taking selfies while either holding my waist or my chest. I cannot hide it,  I too loved the way she carefully placed her hands on me. Vanessa never liked the craziness but she was the first to post them in Facebook, tag me, Betty and Kevin.  I however realised Kevin never liked the idea of Betty being such close to me. At times they could argue about the same and stop talking for quite some time until Vanessa intervened. That’s why the love between the two girls was so strong. At times Vanessa could leak to me some chats between her and Betty, in most cases being warned to keep off our company.  Kevin was envious.

I was still trying to trace him around the seats opposite the students center when I felt a strong hand tap my shoulder from behind. I turned immediately to meet two new faces and Kevin sat behind them.
” He is calling you “, one of the boys told me as he pointed to Kevin who was now standing from where he sat. ” I just want to know what exactly are you doing with Betty. I even wonder, you have your girlfriend yet you still spend a day with my girl. Since morning have not seen her,” he seemed very fumed and ready for a wrestle so I decided to just be dumb as he kept on throwing tantrums on me. I took a deep breath to cool my tempers. He was   crossing the boundaries and taking advantage of me. ” … or do you have four balls? Do you want me to go and fuck your Van..”, I cut him shot, ” Stop at there. So what do want in short”, I asked with my heart trembling and shaking of anger. In as much as I respected him, I could not stomach that. I was ready for anything and most probably a fight. I saw it coming.

I don’t know what was wrong with my question but I remember getting a blow directly in my nose, followed by another one in my jaw before I managed to throw a kick which hit him below the belt.

It must have tempered with his member


because he took a step back. He jumped with his fist ready to hit my forehead before I suddenly saw somebody jump in between us and hold him. I heard a sharp slap hit my cheek from behind,  ” why are you fighting from here?”, a security personnel asked me. The pain of the slap was slowly penetrating in my flesh.  I hesitated to answer thinking that Kevin will start a narrative to beg for forgiveness. ” Let’s go, I am just going hand you over to the security office right now”, he added as he frog matched us towards the administration building.
They two boys left the moment they heard the men in green talk of security office.
I was almost 9.00 pm so people could not recognize us. We never talked through the way to administration building.


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Sour Love


My love for Vanessa was beyond doubt. Just the mention of her made my body shiver, only the name could make me halt what I had been doing to think of her. I was in deep love with that soul. Daaamnit! She is the reason behind my ever smiling face. She had a petite body size, a figure which was a temptation by itself and a calling smile. I could not spent at most five hours without seeing her, even if it meant accompanying her to her classes. At times when she was sad or bored, I could literally cry, shedding off tears of bitterness and regretting whatever deed that made her unhappy. It used to pain my heart too. I had to reconcile before she thought otherwise. I could not imagine losing her to anybody else.

At 5.15 pm,  my phone beeped. I had just finished my classes and trekking along academic highway with classmates, just chanting stories about nothing in particular. I never wasted time,  I checked and right in my inbox was a text from Betty, the closest friend to Venessa.
” Please hurry up, come over to the dispensary ASAP”
I knew what it made, so I chose to ignore it. My heart sunk deep in my stomach. My moods changed. Shock!  How on earth could I be talking here while rib is bed ridden? I got confused. I could no longer listen to their stories. My heart beat was fast and so loud to an extent I feared they could feel the pounding voice.

As we were taking the last stretch from administration block towards stage, I pretended that somebody was waiting in my room and I need to hurry up.
” Why should you lie to us? Just open up and say that you girl is waiting for you… ” that one pierced deep in my heart. It was the last word I heard yet couldn’t respond. My veins expanded. My eyes turned red.
Did they knew where my ‘girl ‘was? Thoughts of venessa came clear in my mind. She has been unwell since last week. She missed her periods! And in her home, once suspected to have a boyfriend, you forget about any parental support. There was no way we could let the parents know. We have been debating about that for quite a while for am not ready to sire a child. You know, our fifth year helb loan has not been disbursed, and maybe it won’t be. At home,  my father knows I will be a priest from my commitments in church. The whole village however doubts this because of an affair with Sheila, the headteacher’s daughter. My dad abhors the affair while my mum keeps on encouraging me to proceed. I suspect they reached an agreement if their closeness is anything to go by. My guess seems to be correct because the teacher, a single lady calls my “my son”.

A friend of mine had told me to take Vanessa to Marie Stopes for clinic to have her stomach screened. Screening is relative here. The fee was estimated as kshs 8000. Ngai!  Where was I going to start! 

As I passed Talai center, I remembered Betty had offered to give her an alternative pills. She warned us of a serious blood flow as a repulcusion. It was the only available resort since I wanted my Vanessa back. I wanted her to be back to normal, as jovial as always. Betty had offered to assist and be with her as she took the pills. They never wanted me to be in the room, I don’t know why but I went to class.

I found myself inside F2, since my head was almost busting. I ordered for Kenya Cane full bottle and paid with my previous night’s bet, thanks to gambling. I had won Ksh366 from previous night games.
Hardly had I gulped 4 sips, my classmates entered.
“Samike you mean this is why you left us? To enjoy yourself alone? “

Unfortunately they even never gave me time to explain. No one bothered to hear my excuses. “oyah, mose don’t forget have not taken “. Everyone was dying to quench his alcoholic thirst.  I relaxed back to watch. No word could come out of my mouth. Funny enough, after the sip each one was running to their respective hostels since it was raining outside.
I too followed suit.
I was almost covering myself with blanket when I heard my phone ring. It was my one and only, Vanessa. “Samike, come. I want to see you. If you can hear me, please come and say by…. ” her voice faded. ” hallo hallo,  Vanessa, are you okay?” I struggled to have her pardon but unfortunately the phone hanged up. I took deep breaths one after another to come back to my mood. I was almost sweating. The voice though. The only voice I adore. The only voice which tells me “Goodnight” and I sleep, which gives me appetite when it wishes me a nice supper.

I needed to be there, yet raining from outside. I am drunk. I decided to wait for rain to cease and rush there.

This rain was never ending but atleast it wasless intense. I wanted to hear from her and see her so I decided to rush to dispensary. I literally ran like never before thanks to the rain, the road was clear.

On reaching Grace Chapel, the school ambulance passed by me moving at the opposite direction at a fairly high speed. I never bothered and continued with my journey. At the dispensary gate, there is a certain big tree from where I decided to take shelter and get access to my phone. I wanted to call Betty for directions or tell me where are were specifically.

Already there was an unread text guess I couldn’t hear since I was running.
” Saaaam,  take heart dear. Vanessa is no more. She has been taken to mortuary. I will be at your place with Kevin tomorrow in the morning. Take heart though ” from Betty at 8.05pm.

The bonds in my joints broke. I just dropped down, leaning against the tree, sobbing.
How will ever come back to my sense if  I will never see Vanessa again in my life. Till death?!


Safiri salama, salimu maulana, tutaonana baadae

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Episode two


Am not sure of who actually incited the fracas,
Just to divide us,
It must be a political bigot,
Maybe yes maybe not.
But why should one be bothered, while he is elected,
By us,
To represent us,
Without asking where he comes from,
When it was one’s right and freedom,
As some were voting,
Others were snoring,
Or in their businesses earning,
As we spent our day queuing.
It is democracy,
But the goons do not have mercy,
Scaring us to part,
Who do we look up at?
To my leaders, am wondering,
About the kind of peace you are preaching,

Are the goons in the media?
Or here?
First address the inciters

And the financiers,

Come together as leaders,
Then talk to us.

The sky is the limit, Koki Mutungi

Koki Mutungi was six years old when she started proclaiming that she would one day be a pilot. People around her would laugh indulgently at her seemingly childish ambitions not knowing how serious she was. But immediately after high school at Loreto Convent Msongari Koki was off to flight training at Wilson Airport. When it became apparent how serious she was she moved to the US at the age of 17 for an intensive non-stop two-year training programme. She accumulated as many flight hours as she could in that period and before her 20th birthday in 1995 she was back in Kenya – a qualified commercial airline pilot.

In 1996 she joined the Pride of Africa as their first female pilot on the small Fokker aircraft. The first step – simulator training to make sure that she was quick enough to think through a series of potential dangerous eventualities as a commercial pilot. Kenya Airways pilots would undertake their simulator training in Malaysia, and be trained by ex-military pilots. The training was brutal, with shouting and boot-camping that would make 50 year old men cry. She wasn’t sure if she would get through it; but she did and it was back to Kenya to officially join the crew.

Koki recalls her first commercial flight as a First Officer. As was the norm back then, the door to the cockpit was open. On realising that one of the flight crew was a woman, a male passenger got up and started shouting “You will not make me a guinea pig” demanding that she not fly the plane. The Captain had to intervene and calm the man down with a warning that he apologise to his First Officer or he would be removed from the flight. It was a harrowing first day at work. On arrival the same passenger looked into the cockpit and casually remarked “Not too shabby” and disembarked. Thankfully not all days were as dramatic as that first one but it often seemed that for every supportive man in the KQ flight crew there was one who would remind her that she was not the man for the job. No-one said her dream job would be easy.

Being the first female pilot with KQ meant navigating many unchartered waters such as when she found out there was no maternity policy for pilots. The airline almost didn’t know what to do with her and she ended up sitting out most of her pregnancy. Being a first often means having to define new rules for those who come later. For six years Koki was the only female pilot but today Kenya Airways is the airline with the highest number of female pilots in Africa. In 2014 Koki was promoted to captain on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, a first for an African woman and she continues to roam the skies, just like she always said she would.

We congratulate Captain Koki Mutungi for showing that indeed the sky is the limit.

#PaukwaPeople #KeFemaleFirsts

Mahalia Jackson.

It is said that when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was speaking at the March on Washington, Mahalia Jackson would shout out, “Tell them about the dream, Martin!”. It was supposedly at this point that Dr. King would depart from his prepared speech and make history with his speech “I have a Dream.”

Mahalia Jackson had the same dream, that everyone would be able to live peacefully together.

Mahalia Jackson was born on October 26, 1911. Even though she suffered from genu varum, or “bowed legs,” she would still perform for the white lady whose house her mother and aunt cleaned. She was four or five when her mother died. She lived with her aunt afterwards. Her aunt would beat her if she didn’t clean the house properly. Her aunt would inspect the house using the “white glove” method. Jackson would find her happiness at church, where she was able to sing.

She would become a world-famous gospel singer who was loved by both white and black audiences alike. But, off the stage, Mahalia Jackson still encountered racial prejudice, whether she was just trying to buy lunch in the South or trying to buy a home in the North.

“When I’m on the stage and on television and working with white people,” she would say, “they just hug me and love me, and say I’m so wonderful and I’m so great… [But], when I go into the department store in the South, I can’t get a sandwich. I can’t get a bottle of pop. I’ve got to stand. I can’t even get a cab. And I’m just the Mahalia Jackson that they got through saying how wonderful I am.”

And, when she tried buying a home in a Chicago neighborhood, the white owners and real estate agents would claim the house had already been sold or that it was suddenly no longer available. When she finally did find a house, some of her neighbors welcomed her by firing shots at her windows. Eventually, many of her white neighbors would move away because they could not stand living next to a black person, even if it was the great Mahalia Jackson.

But, this never stopped Mahalia Jackson from singing to both black and white audiences. She truly believed her music could “break down some of the hate and fear that divide the white and black people in this country.”

After she met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., she believed so much in his dream that whenever he needed her to sing, she would be there. At the March on Washington, Jackson would sing in front of 250,000 people, singing “How I Got Over” and “I Been ‘Buked and I Been Scorned”. She also got to see and hear Dr. King speak about that dream.

She continued helping Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement until his death. She also established the Mahalia Jackson Scholarship Foundation for young people who wanted to attend college.

When she died on January 27, 1972, more than 50,000 people in Chicago filed silently past her coffin, paying tribute to the queen of gospel. The following day, more than 6,000 people attended her funeral service. Three days later, in New Orleans, the scene repeated itself, with thousands filling the great hall of the Rivergate Convention Center in downtown New Orleans. Both white and black people would join together to honor her.

African Daughter : Adejoke Lasisi.

(Adejoke Lasisi, photo credits)

Who is Adejoke Lasisi? Maybe that’s the puzzle lingering your mind.

Why is am I referring her as #AfricanDaughter? and indeed a proud daughter?


Adejoke Lasisi is an African fabric designer. She is also the founder and creative director of Jokelinks Weaving School which is first of its kind in Nigeria.

Adejoke holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and a certificate in Entrepreneurial Management from Enterprise Development Center Lagos, Nigeria.

Her aspirations are diverse but, her utmost goal is to uphold and preserve our cultural heritage. Also to impact the knowledge of handwoven Aso-Oke into youths and women through entrepreneurial skill acquisition programs in Nigeria.


You have to know people.

If opportunity comes, I will meet this lady one day, have an interview and I will definitely share her story in the blog.

In the mean time, I wish her all the best in her endeavours.