Samuel Samike Ndisya.

Samuel Ndisya alias Samike is the owner and founder of Samike Foundation, an initiative which mainly targets and helps with material,psychological and moral support to the elderly, inmates, PWDs and vulnerable children. He is passionate about helping low income rural people eradicate poverty and improve their living standards. 

Growing up in a very humble background, with a single parent, Samuel learnt working hard from his mother who struggled to keep him and his other two brothers in school as well as catering for their basic needs all by herself. 

At the age of 10 years, he was working as a casual irrigation farms in Kiaoni, Kibwezi East to help raise money for his family. During weekends, together with his brothers, sold water at the local market for pay to supplement the hand-to-mouth earnings from the mother. After class 8, at the age of 14 years, he was employed by her aunt as a cattleman for a pay of kshs 300 per month to raise money for his secondary education. He later resulted to repeat since all was in vain and the pay could take centuries to pay for a provincial school. 

Later, samike joined Moi University to take Bachelor of Arts in Community Development. During his long holidays, he taught Mathematics and Chemistry at the village secondary schools. In February 2016,he mobilised other university students from his county and formed Makueni University Students’ Association(M.U.S.A). He became the pioneer projects Coordinator. He was so resourceful in organizing activities for the group, remarkably visitation of Kathonzweni Children’s Home and mentorship programs in various high schools. 

During his study in University, Samike was entrusted with various leadership roles. For instance he served as the public relations for M. A. L. P (Mentorship, Authorship and Leadership Program) for two academic years during when he organized outreach programs in Moi University High School for mentorship and organized leadership academies for his colleagues in the University. 

As an advisory member in the Consortium of International and Professional Associations (C. I. P. A) where he was a key player, he organized and facilitated career day and recruitment drive for Rift Valley Railways, Mabati Rolling Mills and Career Compass. Later he served as the logistics director for the same team where he organised the successful tax payer education day by Kenya Revenue Authority. 

Due to his passion in developing community, he has also been part and initiator of many cooporate social responsibility activities. Under Red Cross Moi University chapter, he organised the cleaning up of Kesses market: with Peace Ambassadors Kenya, cleaned Moi Teaching and Referral hospital. 

From September to December 2016,he volunteered with Makueni County Government in the department of youth, gender, sports and social services where he was part of the team that organized and manned the successful Governor’s Cup, County Marathon, Tetheka fund initiative among other projects. 

Back in his village,Samuel mobilised the youth to form a youth group and take active roles in sustainable development of the area. 

In his free time,  Samike likes reading. Within a span of 2 years, he plans to Samike Foundation an N. G. O and work with more donors to reach and impact more people. 


You cannot replace Kalonzo, Kibwana dismisses Muthama’s political stand. 

I have been informed of your dramatic announcement that you are henceforth a nominal or residual member of Wiper Democratic Movement Party -Kenya (WDMP-K). Further, you have communicated you will not campaign for any WDMP candidates in the Ukambani region.

Presumably, or even logically, you will not step foot in South Eastern Kenya for political work until 8.8.2017. That is your choice. You have decided you will not positively affect the Kamba nation’s over 2 million vote basket.

However, as a new member of WDMP, I believe you have crossed the ethical and moral line when you make certain outrageous claims.

These are:

1. The Party Leader of WDMP is undemocratic.

2. The 2017 WDMP nominations were by and large rigged.

3. You have been the main financial contributor to the party.

4. Bernard Kiala of Machakos County should have been the gubernatorial candidate and not Wavinya Ndeti, a party newcomer.

5. Senator David Musila was treated unfairly by the party in the Kitui gubernatorial nominations.

6. Kivutha Kibwana was handed a direct ticket as governor candidate of Makueni County causing another contestant to flee from the party.

7. Wavinya misused CDF during her term as Kathiani M.P.

8. Wiper coalition-building was done without due consultation of party members.

9. The wiper will lose seats in Makueni due to flawed nominations leading to disgruntled aspirants opting for independent candidature.

10. WDMP is now a party staring at division and disintegration. I am sure as time goes on, you will heap more accusations against Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka (SKM), other party members and the party as a whole. You may not agree but your political vitriol has been triggered by the democratic defeat of your proxy Kiala.

If the party had authorized the direct nominations of Kiala and Musila, you could today be sitting pretty having added two more feathers to your hat. Kiala was defeated twice by the gallant people of Machakos and Wavinya.

In many public fora, the people of Machakos have candidly stated they are unhappy with you for making them vote twice in the governorship nominations. Unwittingly you have consigned Kiala into political obscurity. I understand you desired to be governor of Machakos through Kiala. I would imagine if you had by now attained the academic qualifications required of a governor candidate, you would have been the candidate yourself. There is still time as we approach 2022.

I did not compete as WIPER governor candidate in 2013 because you imposed your preferred candidate Prof. Phillip Kaloki in Makueni. I had no alternative but to vie through Muungano Party. In Machakos you largely influenced the choice of WIPER candidates in 2013. As a consequence, WIPER lost all the (9) nine Ward seats in your former constituency of Kangundo (now Kangundo and Matungulu).

The party lost five (5) of eight (8) M.P. seats in the county to what you usually call small parties. Assuming you did not influence party nominations in 2013, then you were unable to secure victory for the majority of candidates in your home turf county. You have single handedly driven a spirited campaign for all the ‘’small parties’’ in Ukambani to fold up so that the Kamba nation can be solidly in WIPER as it attracts another following in the larger nation. Obviously, the above strategies do not paint you as a democratic individual.

The Kamba nation has surpassed the 2m voter registration mark. That rich vote will be delivered to NASA without your participation and relevance since you have voluntarily exited from Kamba politics. But just to ask you; how will you campaign for Hon. Raila Odinga our beloved presidential flag bearer without campaigning for SKM his deputy since they are joined at the ‘political hip’? It is not rocket science to understand that to campaign for RAO is also to campaign for SKM.

If you can’t campaign for them in Ukambani, of what immediate value will be your campaign effort? I wish to remind you that you have in the past harmed Kalonzo when you abused communities especially the Kikuyu nation. People thought it was Kalonzo who sent you and yet you were your own messenger. Ethics dictate there are certainly unacceptable utterances within the public space where children and adults jointly inhabit. Political hygiene is an asset.

You also gave the impression that Kalonzo had no political money to run his campaigns when you contributed to ODM-K and WDMP just like other senior members and well-wishers. You have always argued your chief mission is to protect and advance the Kamba nation and SKM. What has changed? You say I shut others from WIPER gubernatorial contest in Makueni.

I clearly stated that I was ready for primaries in many public fora and the media regardless of our coalition agreement. David Masika whom you had fronted decided to shift to the Jubilee leaning party New Democrats where he was guaranteed the position of party leader and the uncontested Makueni governorship ticket. You accused Wavinya of misusing CDF funds.

Why did you have to wait this long to raise the issue? How come the national CDF oversight authority never accused her of impropriety? Why did you support her gubernatorial contest in 2013 if you knew for a fact that she could not be trusted with public funds? What has changed so that you could support her in 2013 and reject her in 2017? It is unfortunate that you did not scrutinize the CDF national records during Wavinya’s parliamentary stint to know Kathiani constituency was one of the best performing constituencies in the country.

You stuck with KANU in 2002 when your former colleagues joined NAK to form NARC and birth the Second Liberation from personal rule authoritarianism. Wiper is growing by leaps and bounds. It is accommodating new entrants from the Kamba nation and the entire nation of Kenya. You can’t just dictate what you want. You can’t just bully at will. The era of tantrums, ego trips, blackmail, megalomania, politico-preneurs and political manipulation is about over. You refused in the WIPER National Executive Council to vote for Muungano Party’s coalition with Wiper. You similarly did not approve of Chama Cha Uzalendo’s (CCU’s) coalition with Wiper.

Why do you want the longevity of a “small” Wiper? Why are you afraid of other talent joining Wiper? How will a stunted Wiper add value to NASA? You have threatened now to support the non-Wiper candidates in Ukambani even if indirectly. How will that help the opposition cause during Nane Nane 17? I wish to inform you that the 2017 Wiper nomination process has been one of the most democratic countrywide. SKM let the National Elections Board and the Appeals tribunal to exercise democracy and justice. If your candidates did not win, it does not mean there was a deficit of democracy in the electoral process. Democratization means Wiper and other national parties can no longer be the property of the founders. Democracy is bitter-sweet. As she begins to flower, she spurns those who overstay in the past: the historicals of any movement who shun the power of transformation. ODM-K and Wiper built your political life from scratch.

Without the Umbrella, you are unshielded, indeed exposed. I advise doing not exit yourself from South Eastern region politics. Mwanaa-aia, you can’t deny SKM a pivotal role in the presidential campaign by deciding that you will replace him at that level. There can only be one deputy presidential candidate in NASA. The NASA presidential slot in 2022 will be occupied by SKM. How will you play politics then if you engineer an early self-afflicted political divorce this year?

I beg of you: please don’t write your political obituary. Don’t delude yourself that in terms of the politics of the Kamba nation you can as of now replace SKM. I know you are overly ambitious and a big dreamer, but be careful of a lofty dream turned a nightmare. Your pet name is Kiamba – a bell of some type. Don’t still your own bell in your biological prime. The Kamba in their philosophic wisdom has a saying: it is wasteful to mourn one who has committed suicide. But nonetheless, we commit you to God so that He may in His mercy cause you to re-examine yourself. We pray you return to us soon as the prodigal son did.


Politics across all over the world has been a game dominated by men for a number of years back. It has taken centuries before African voters could be convinced to vote in a woman in any elective post,  especially when competing against men. According to Wikipedia and other research blurbs, So far Africa has had only 7 women heads of state with only 2 being elected. In U. S. A it has been a long but fruitless journey for Hillary Clinton to head the continent though Americans boost of having the largest number of women holding elective posts. 

Here in Kenya, there is no much difference. Women in the past have held elective postions such as Members of Parliament and ‘Councillors’and now Members of County Assembly -M. C. As. However, with the last general elections and the first under the new constitution promulgated in 2010, there was no single woman elected as a county boss or a senator. Some had their efforts thwarted down in as much as they had strong support base like for the case of Laywer Kethi Kilonzo. 

As we approach 2017 general elections come August, some counties have a tough decision to make: either to substitute the incumbent with a man or introduce a woman. The women who have shown interest should first of all be congratulated for the groundbreaking move though Kenya is not yet ripe and not ready for a lady to message their resources. This are some of the factors why women won’t make it for the ‘President of the County’post. 

1. Women do not want to compete on fair grounds with men. Kenyan women have been brought up under a notion that they can’t compete men and especially in such highly demanding positions. They cry to be favoured during campaigns or keep on expecting sympathy votes from the ever-charged and politically -orinted kenyan voters. During campaigns they mostly talk of how people are accusing them of void affairs with senior politicians or blame their fellow aspirants of spreading rumours against them, a tactic they aim at inducing “sorry” in the voters. They should come out with strong manifestos and in-depth content enough to convince the common mwananchi.  Speaking ill of ODM won’t add votes to Nairobi’s Margaret Wanjiru. 
2. The 2010 Kenyan Constitution created the women representative positions, solely made for the feminine gender. The common Mwananchi understood it to mean its a ceremonial post meant to just reward ladies since they could not outdo men. They,thus, see it that ladies should focus on that one while the rest be a battling baton for men. 
3. Many ladies settle for less even when their eyes are focusing on the top seat. They publicize their quest only to later settle in deputising the most popular male competitor. It might be a good tactic in a healthy competition though to some, shows that they initially never wanted the top seat. For Nairobi’s Easther Passaris dropping from the gubernatorial race is, just but fear of the unknown. To me,  even before she showed interest, she should have studied the race and make her firm stand right from the word go. 
4. Kenyans, and Africans in general are yet to be convinced that a lady can lead them,thus for a woman to make it, she must be outstanding leader and in development. For Wavinya Ndeti of Machakos County to win against the sitting Dr. Alfred Mutua, she has to go an extra mile in proving to the people of Machakos why she is most qualified. She quote her clean track record in  Kathiani Constituency where she served as an M. P. Charity Ngilu might be better placed if she tussles it out with incumbent Dr. Malombe, a political foe. Kitui residents appreciate her for tangible development projects she initiated in the region ever since she was Minister for Health and Water  upto until recently when she served as the Cabinet Secretary for Lands. 

Kirinyaga residents are in dilemma to chose between former devolution cabinet secretary, Anne Waiguru and ex-Justice Minister hon. Martha Karua. Waiguru is celebrated for improving the living standards of the rural people especially in Nairobi’s Kibera slums and the NYS projects which brought her in limelight forcing her to relinquish the job. Martha is known for her candid stand against corruption and once vied for presidency during last year’s general elections. Given a chance to advice the two, I could simply tell them to pair and present themselves as a governor and a deputy. In the first place their combination could be one of a kind and attract people’s attention since it is the first in history. Before they realize it, August 8 will be here with us. And the shall be shown in. 

I thought of close-to -that scenario in United States of America. In 1916 Jeannette Ranking, a republican caught voters by surprise when she vied against men even before women were allowed to vote. It was funny for she could not even vote for herself but she won!
Africa gives power to women who either are long serving government leaders with experience like for the case of H. E Ellen Johnson Sirleaf or appointed as an interim president (in Central African Republic and South Africa), nominated (as happened in Mauritius) or ascended by constitutional right such as after death of the president (as happened in Gabon and Malawi). So far it is only Mauritius which has 3 women heads of state with the sitting, Gurib – Fakim being the first to be elected after Elizabeth 2 and Monique Ohsan Bellepeau.

I wish all of them all the best anyway.  😁see more