Sour love 11

… Continued from sour love 10.

I had not made any voice call in the past two weeks since Vanessa fell sick. I stared at the screen for a minute before the Gabriel came in my mind. He was my best friend, a neighbour and an highschool classmate. Unfortunately he never made it to university, probably because he spent his second term in hospital back in 2012 when we were busy revising. Our friendship bond was very strong. It was strengthen further after he was discharged from hospital.

The school chaplain came to our class immediately the bell for games period was rang. He said I should follow him to his office, which was located behind the staff room. I never questioned because at times he used to call me for bible classes and so I assumed he just wants me to skip my play for a moment with him, exploring Bible.
On entering his office I met the dull and dry eyes of Gabriel, sitting on the visitors chair, holding his bag on his laps. As I smiled and lightened my face to welcome him back,

” Close the door behind you,” the chaplain demanded.

He sat in his usual chair and placed his hands on the table. He raised his head after close to 3 minutes and faced at my friend, ” have you said you trust him?” he asked. I never got any clue.
” yes”, Gabriel replied in a low tone as if he had not taken food for the last 5 days. I knew what it meant to be hospitalized for close to 3 months, probably he was survived by meagre meals from the the nurses. My eyes and my mind was on him until I was disrupted by the husky voice of the chaplain,

“Samuel, today I have called you here for a different mission, which requires you to keep whatever we discuss here today, ”

he started removing his spectacles and slowly places them on the table,

” I understand you are the best friend to Gabriel and you very well know that he has been in hospital since the start of this term. ” I nodded.

He continued, ” Your friend needs you most this time round and I wouldn’t expect you betray him after being friends and home mates for such a long time. You should remain to be his confidant and uphold the trust he bestows unto you. That way, even God’s blessings shall be upon your way, ”

I was puzzled, what am I hearing? Is chaplain high on something to have confused me with someone else? Where is this narratives ending to? As if he had heard my inner question,

” …to cut the long story short, Gabriel was diagnosed with Gonorrhea,”

he paused as I took a deep breath then continued,

“The information is known and should remain as a secret by strictly the 3 of us. Let me not here it outside this room. ” I saw him point the door as he straighted himself from where he sat. I never wanted my eyes to meet those of Gabriel for I thought my eyes could betray me. ” Since your exam is near, I discussed with the parents and we agreed there was no need to stay at home. We still have hopes in your class and remember he is the index one, so in that case I want you to be his roommate. After here, you are going to your dormitory and swap your roommate with him. You’re going to do that, transferring his box and mattress should take less than an hour. From your room, I want you to monitor him, how the adheres to his dose and in case of any change of behavior, you report to me as soon as possible. Are we together?


Fortunately his phone went through and I heard his voice answer from the other end,

” Hello Samike, Long time brother ”

He never sounded jovial as the other days. ” Am fine. Just Imagine am coming home —” he cut me short.

“When, you mean today? ” he asked a little bit confused.

“Yes”, I answered as I moved away from the parking lot. He hanged the phone immediately sending a message to my mind. Why was he cutting the call? Was he probably not expecting the news or he simply thought I was joking?
Gabriel was never like this. I attempted to call for the second time, he never picked. The third time, he aborted the call, and just to empathize as I approached the stage, I tried for the fourth time. ” Leave your message after the tone” was the response from Safaricom. I assumed his phone battery might have issues of low charge. I promised to meet him once I reach home, he was my buddy and spent most of my free time with him while at home. He had got a chance to teach in the local school I taught after high school as a BOM teacher.

Why is he aborting my calls?

To be continued…

Sour love 10

I was left puzzled at the car park,stranded and confused of what to do next. I knew my dad well. If he decided to give you a punishment you don’t question until you are done. So I knew even if I call him, he won’t receive my calls.
I heard murmuring from behind me and foot steps of people who were approaching. I turned to see Vanessa’s father walking with one of the security officers. I thought definitely he’s taking him to Dean’s office in the students center. They were engaged in a conversation until they past by me. Vanessa’s mother was some steps behind, with her eyes on her phone screen. She walked a bit carelessly as if fatigued. I felt something burn in me. I felt sorry. I imagined being in her shoes. I felt quilt, not because I killed her daughter but because she thinks I did. I wanted to apologize,to just say sorry for what I never did. I timed her and when she was directly opposite me I got guts,

” Hello Mama Vanessa? ”

She stood right there but she never looked at me. Instead she continued scrolling something from her phone.
” How can I help you? ” came a stern husky voice. She beat her nose in a bid to clear her nostrils and ran her left hand across her eyes as if to wipe tears, which were actually not visible. ” I want to say that am so sorry for the loss of Vanessa. She was such a stunning soul which… ” She nodded while holding her phone up against her bosom with her two hands as if writing a text. I continued with my apologies though she never bothered and to me she wasn’t even interested but since I had made her stop, I had to proceed. When I had said whatever I was to say, I devised a parting strategy. ” I will be with your family during all this period. So kindly can I have your contacts because of the constant communication during the burial arrangements? I must attend though I don’t know the place. ” I said as I took out my phone and unlocked the screen lock.
She slowly raised her chin and directed her eyes to me. They met mine. Hers were very red and fierce. She relaxed and held her hands by her waist, a kimbo. She took a deep breath before opening her mouth, ” Young man, are you mad? After drowning my daughter with sperms you can still brave your black balls to ask for my phone number? Are you a devil sent to eat all my family? Are you out of your senses, you think I entertain stray dogs? Why would you come to her burial? To celebrate eh eh? Ghasia wewe.. ” I covered my mouth as if the words were coming from me. I thought of any nasty word available in books to tell her but only the name Moses Kuria rang in mind.

What have I done to deserve this? I opened my mouth but no word came out. I closed it when I saw the two security officers at administration entrance approach. I wanted to run or to pretend I am not the one being addressed but my senses convinced me otherwise. Some comrade were still taking their time to get a glimpse before going to their own businesses. I was much pissed off when I saw some raising their smart phones high up taking photos and probably recording the scene. I tried to hide my face though I knew it was late.
I never heard whatever else she said except the last words, ” …get out my sight before I vomit. May karma throw your flesh to dogs.” I tried to fake a smile to confuse the viewers but my face betrayed me. Anger was burning in me. I never knew how I could escape the place until I thought of a plan : to take my phone and pretend to be on a serious call.

Sour love 9

Previously on sour love 8 …

I gathered all my guts and held the door knob very carefully.

I opened to enter, aiming to see that Soldier who thinks he can have me arrested . I had been told he is seated on my left when I enter. ” Close the door after you”, a voice came from the left, I wondered how the soldier has started seeing my mistakes even before I enter. I turned back, passed my eyes through Vanessa’s parents. They were very sorry. They looked like crying the next minute. Her father’s eyes were big and red. He was biting the left of his lower lip and his eyes closed into fists. He removed his coat after I just moved my eyes away from him.

The security personnel were familiar, I had met them the previous night. They held pens and booklets and leaned forward just staring at me. I pitied myself.
On the left side, I met his eyes. Bloodshot. His forehead veins like waterpipes. The so-much-talked-about soldier is my only father! I felt something like a bang inside my head. I felt dizzy. I looked at the door, then my father,at the door then my father. I could not believe this. How? What is he doing here?

So, somebody has already told him? When our eyes met, he started started hitting the table with his pen. His mouth was a gap, I read shock in his face. He opened his mouth, “Sam is it… “I cut him short, “but dad, give me time. Please let me explain, they have cheated you. I know… They.. Lied… I don’t know…

“Professor, you know this suspect?”,one of the guards asked. My dad took a very deep breath and looked at me shaking his head and placing his hand in his face as if to cover it. He closed his eyes and kept on clicking as I explained. I went down on my knees to plead for them understand, I begged. I sobbed but they still doubted.

Vanessa’s mother was wiping her tears as I narrated how I got the news. I expressed my worry about how she could lose her life in the school yet Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital was near and more,the school had an ambulance. I confessed before them that I loved their daughter very much and I am too feeling the pain. ” When she told me she was sick, I saw it wise to take her to hospital. She was healthy and strong despite the back pains she complained of. I placed my hopes on the nurses hands. I never thought it was such serious. If they felt that they could not handle the situation, why could they have taken her to MTRH? We could be maybe fundraising for the bill when she is there rather than losing her” I saw her father nod.

All this time my father had his head bent down. He never spoke not even a word. Vanessa’s mother was very furious with me. She asked me questions as if it was a murder case. She felt like I should be jailed right away despite pleads from her husband. The security, too, saw sense. The nurses were to blame for I had not mentioned anything to do with abortion. I stood to my ground that she never told me of pregnancy, she talked of back pain. Since her mother said she called her and said she had malaria, the story of abortion brought in another heated discussion.

Her mother wanted the nurses be arrested if they’re faking her daughter’s death, “If they never knew what they were treating, then it means they gave her wrong medication. Am now sure that’s what killed my daughter, and you accuse her of abortion. So it was a plan to cover your institution? After taking away my daughter’s life? Did you impregnate her before you accuse her of abortion? How is the story of pregnancy coming in? I see it now, something is cooking here. I now want a serious explanation… ”

She dominated the room. She was uncontrollable and her voice kept on increasing.
“Officer, can we please proceed to mortuary, see the body and we revisit this case after burial? Because according to our culture, it is very wrong to do what were are doing before our daughter is rested? I pity my poor daughter if someone saw it worth taking her away from me” Vanessa’s dad intervened as he wiped his wet eyes. He was almost crying from the way he spoke. It is only after that when the mother kept quiet. My dad stood and left without talking to anyone.

The guards explained the procedures, since the university facilitates burial of her students. No matter the outcome of the case, they were to get a letter from the dean, give their details since the university was to sent some students on burial day. One of the guards had to take them to the deans office as I followed my dad to his car.
” Here is your fare, I want to get you at home. If you want to dare me, let me get there before you “, he said as he handed me ksh2000. I took, still puzzled why he has changed. I am sure he is going home, but he doesn’t want me in his car anymore. He cleaned his throat as he entered the car. He never said anything else until he left.

Question : What will happen when they meet at home?
And the birthday?

fun fact : I encountered the security room 34 but a different case. As a witness though.

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Sour love 8

( Morning)

A very cold breeze was cutting through my chest. I manoeuvred my hands around to get the blanket to cover myself. As I fumbled, I realized there was nobody at my side. I struggled to open my eyes. Sun rays were penetrating through the door curtains since it was wide open. I stretched and yawned blinking repeatedly so that my eyes can adapt the light. I started looking around to trace Betty. Right then, she entered carrying a bucket and had a towel around her waist. She closed the door behind her and went to the adjacent corner.

“Have you checked your phone? I saw an unread message from your dad. ” She said as she wiped herself.
I picked my phone only to find 5 missed calls and two text messages. Three of the missed calls where from the security and two from Kevin. I sat down on my bed. I knew I was late and maybe the security office could mistake me for ignoring their calls. I opened my inbox, one text was from my dad and the other from my mum.

Dad: I have issues in the administration thus I will first attend to the office. I will pick you once am through though be prepared in advance


Mum: Heard that you are coming today with your dad, am happy now you two will be at home during my birthday tomorrow.

I remembered that my mother’s birthday was the following day and it’s long since I celebrated with her. Where it not for the strike I could not attend. I never had enough fare. After paying for the drink before going to dispensary , I was left with Ksh 100. I never took supper and there was no time to take break fast. It was already 10.00 am and I needed to deal with the case before my dad signals me to leave.
Betty was almost through. I decided not to take a shower. She re wore the same clothes she had the previous day since she never came with another pair. I hurried picked a shirt and a pair of jeans to wear.
I brushed my teeth and were headed outside, somebody was standing before me. Caretaker.

” Do you remember what I told you when you came looking for a house in this plot? To me you are becoming a bother and you better leave this plot for good. You cannot be fair by disturbing your colleagues all night.” I pleaded with him to give me the last chance. I never wanted him to temper with my moods in such a early morning. Betty was on my left holding me by my waist. I excused myself from the caretaker when I saw Kevin approach from the gate. Betty detached her hand from me and pretended to be pushing me to move.

” Guys, are you serious?, You are going to make this thing extend to a big deal. Remember we were supposed to be there by 8.00 am. Why are you ignoring calls? ” he asked as he stood a step from the gate.
” What is up, have they started the case already? ” Betty asked.
“They must have started, but I doubt whether Vanessa’s parents have arrived “, I interjected.

“I have been sent to call you, In fact it’s you who are delaying them”, Kevin responded as we crossed over to academic highway. He walked closer to Betty and I could hear him apologise about last night. He said they needed to talk after the case, something which Betty agreed. He explained how he saw Vanessa’s parents fumed and they were accompanied by a soldier.
We found ourselves outside room 34 in the administration block. There were instructions that we can only enter one by one. Kevin was the first to enter as we listened from the door. He said that he was not part of us, but he knew I must have clear details. It never bothered me much for after all, she was my girl friend. How can I disown her at this time?
Betty was the second after Kevin came out. I had heard everything he said and so I never asked him anything, we never spoke until she came out. Kevin was waiting for her and wanted them to leave but she spared a minute to brief me. “Do not panic. There’s is a soldier on your left, wearing a black suit. He has tough questions and seems to be after you from the questions he was asking. I have said Vanessa was sick and never thought she was such serious. Please do not mention about the pills. I swear Sam, when you mention them, I will be in for it. Let me hear what Kevin wants to tell me, Ok? See you boo” she left as a voice called from inside, “Next? ”

Question : How will Samike face it. Betty has defended herself and left. His father is the so feared soldier.

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Sour Love 7

continued from episode 6…( previous post)

Vanessa’s parents left Nakuru very early in the morning. They alighted at Cheptiret but they have not got an MU 84 sacco Nissan plighting to Main Campus. They decide to get a lift from any of the passing personal cars even if they will be dropped at Kesses, to either go on foot or by chance get another lift.

” Let’s try this one,” her dad says as he signals the driver to halt. The car stops some few meters past them but they rush to meet the driver, who lowers the side window as they approach.

” Hello”

” Hello” the driver replies.

He is a well built man with a husky voice. He is dressed in a black suit, with a white shirt and a red tie.

” Might you be going past Kesses, since we are stranded here yet we are getting late to where we are heading to ? ”

” Mmm yeah, but can you be specific. I am actually going to Moi University ” he says as he looks at his wrist watch.

He lowers the music playing in the car as Vanessa’s mother makes a plea, ” We have a case there and we are getting late. Can you please drop us there? “.
The man agrees and opens the passenger door.

While in the car, they do introductions. The man is a lecturer in University of Eldoret, specializes in Criminal Justice and that day he was coming to pick his son they head home since the strike seems to not be ending soon. He comes from Makueni.
The two parents breath in relieve and seems to be lighting their faces on hearing criminal justice.
According to the mother, the got a call from the administration to report to the security Yesternight. The administration was sorry that their daughter passed away while undergoing treatment in the school dispensary and wants them to come and write a statement and visit the girl in the mortuary. The man listens very carefully as he continues driving. He finally speaks,
” Am too sorry for the loss. It must heavy for you as a family and now that the daughter was the first born.”

There’s a defeaning silence for a while. He adds, ” That is a case and I think you should sue the university. They either own up or you sue them. Have they told you what she was suffering from? ”
The mother crosses her fingers and places them around her bossom and answers in low tone, “… they said she was procuring an abortion. This our children will kills us. I have never heard anything of the sort and her dad either. I have been on constant communication with the girl and she never sounded that sick. She just told me of Malaria. I sent her fare to come home, she said that she felt better ”

Her voice was shaky and her head leaned on the side of the car. Her face was getting dull as she continued to narrate. Her husband stretched to hold her by the shoulders.
” University is very funny mum. Right now, they are not going to classes, eh what do you think they are doing? One course, Intercourse with passion and that’s where the pregnancies are coming from. Right now, the responsible boy could be somewhere sleeping with another girl. His parents are free while your day is wasted and a daughter is gone. The University should search for the boy and involve him in this. He should suffer too, in fact be prosecuted. I wish the case was on my hands. What a shame ” he was cut short by the husband, ” and now that we are new in university affairs and fortunately you are, and more so you teach criminal justice, could you please accompany us to the office. Your voice can save us and I know you are relevant to these cases. Kindly Mr. Professor… ”

The car passes the entrance gate without a check from the gatemen. They know him. He picks up his phone and writes a text to his son, ” I have issues in the administration, I will first attend to a matter in the office. I will pick you once am through but be prepared in advance “.

He packs the car outside the administration building and the three enter the security room. It is well arranged. There are three security personnel already seated and a young boy standing next to them.
“Welcome, welcome our dear parents”, one of them ushers them to have a seat.

“We are almost stating and am glad you have arrived. Indeed we are going to start right away. We are waiting for a certain boy and a girl, who are said to have been the closest friends to Vanessa “, he pauses to look at Kevin, “Go and come with your friends and tell them not to waste our time ”

He continues, ” on behalf of the university and that of my own, let me first of all pass my sincere condolences, we are sorry for what befell you. Your daughter was our good student here and we loved her so so much… ”

Question: What is the relationship between Samike and the professor?

What will happen if he finds the boy is his own son?

This story is dedicated to all my fans who keep on asking for the next episode. You keep me going friends. I will mention some while others in the next episode. Special thanks to Maurine Wavinya Maimbo, Petty Kithia Muli, Margret Kalondu Kaleli, Jane Luilu and Elizabeth Masia.

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Sour Love 6

Continued from sour love 5…

” Can I wear this T shirt?

She asked.

I had already laid on my bed as she left to the opposite corner where I placed my dirty cloths trash. I turned to look at her. Since lights we off, I could only identify her figure and something on her hands. She was holding a rather over size NBI vest which I normally wore when am going to play basketball. It was long and could hardly cover my knees. I nodded to give her permission if she really felt that could best substitute her night dress. I increased the volume of my sub woofer to just listen and put all my concentration to the music. I never wanted to spare a minute in silence. Vanessa could occupy my mind and tears spring out of my eyes.

“Why have you decided to play that song?”

I heard Betty ask as she squeezed her self close to me,placing her head just below my chin and stretching the blanket to cover herself. Her right hand rested carefully on my chest as I cuddled her with my left hand.

My mind was deep into memories of my girl, Vanessa. I even thought I was dreaming. Kenny Chesny’s song Who You’d Be Today was currently playing:

I wear the pain like a heavy coat

I feel you everywhere I go

I see your smile, I see your face

I hear your laughing in the rain

I can’t believe you are gone..

press the next button “,

I gave her the remote, never wanting to turn from my position. I just wanted to sleep and see Vanessa in my dreams. Next was See You Again by Wiz Khalifa

It’s been a long day without you my friend, And I’ll tell you all when about it when I see you again. We’ve come along way from where we began. Oh I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, when I see…

she immediately pressed next, which was Matatizo by Harmonize. When my play list never seemed to favour her soul, she switched to radio instead. After a minute of scanning, she settled at Classic 105 FM. At around the time past midnight, they do play lots of soothing RnB music.

.nobody knows she is a lonely girl, and it is a lonely world. She gonna burn baby, burn baby..

This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keys was playing. She placed the remote on the table and turned to face me. I felt her warmth when she pressed her chest against mine and cupped her hands behind my neck, pulling my forehead close to hers. My hair follicles raised on realising she just removed all her clothes and wore my T shirt instead. My body temperature started rising but I pretended dump as I forced my eyes to remain closed.
She kept on narrating me stories to encourage me to an extent of quoting case examples from some of her relatives. She reminded me of the plans she had with Vanessa like for instance selling cupcakes if the strike was going to be persistent. She told me how Vanessa was planning to file KRA Returns for comrades at a fee when she felt well.

All what I could do was taking deep breaths, stretch and maybe yawning. I pleaded with her to just allow me to sleep and we speak up in the morning but she insisted that she will hold me until when I will have slept completely. At times she could echo lyrics of the song playing on the radio twisting her body against mine as if she was dancing.
Katty Perry’s Teenage Dream finally came. It seemed to be her favorite, if her gestures are anything to go by.

You make me feel like am living a teenage dream. The way you turn me on. Baby I can’t sleep.
Let’s run away and don’t ever look back.

My heart stops when you look at me, just one touch now baby I believe, This is real…

She whispered the words some inches near my ear as she made scratch moves against my body. I decided to allow her do her stuff as I tried to ignore her. She stretched her tongue and bit the edge of my ear. My nerves sensed. I trembled a little bit as it somebody had held me with wet fingers. I felt electricity all over my body. I struggled to open my eyes. Her smiling lips were just next to mine. She slid one of her hands down my chin and raised it such that our lips were directly opposite. She kissed the side of my cheeks. I sensed what she expected, same treatment. I stretched my hand to hold her waist as I kissed her sweet lips. She was glad, she was ready, she reciprocated. I felt it. Love. I never wasted time on the lips for she accepted my tongue to penetrate through. It was deep. I grabbed her ass and sequeezed it close to me. Simultaneously, my left hand was busy working on her head, messing with the hair. I traveled my right hand slowly and carefully to her front. I took my fingers through some warm up rounds near her genitalia, then proceed. Her core was already wet. I started rubbing it with my thumb as I detached my mouth from hers to kiss her neck before I settled on one of her already erect nipples. She leaned her head back and started letting out groans as she spread her left leg to the edge of the bed.

This is not ending! I slowly raised the rim of her pants and and on realising she never bothered, I dug a finger inside her dripping core. One never seemed to work out best, I added another finger as her moans became louder but sweeter. She spread her legs further giving me better access and entry into her punani. Her groans were getting louder every time I pumped harder. My mouth was busy jumping from one nipple to the other.

More, Please I want”

Is all she continued to demand until I felt my fingers held tighter in her. I sensed she was about to cum. Immediately I left sucking the boobs and started licking her lips slowly while pumping my fingers deeper and a bit faster to march the rhythm of her groans.
Her noise was all over but I loved it. My bulge was almost tearing off my boxer, forcing its head outside. I carefully turned her to face the ceiling and spread her legs wider. She managed to slip one of her hands from my chest to my groin and grabbed my member. She started pulling it back and forth at a tentative speed, shaping her fingers into a pipe-ring around my Chebukati. My mind went blank.

I found my space between her legs finally. As I was removing her panties, I heard a knock on the door.
I wanted to lower the volume of the radio when I realized it was no longer playing. Gosh! There electricity had tripped. The only noise in the plot came from my room.

” Give us humble time to sleep”

the voice of the caretaker said and left…

…to be continued

Question : Are they going to sleep?

Do you think there was an affair between the two?

Sour Love 5

Continued from sour love 4…

Hey Samike, why are you so harsh. Take it easy. We are just coming to pass our condolences as your brothers, man. We cannot hold grudges at times like this. In fact I never knew the story and up to now I cannot believe that Vanessa’s soul is no longer with us. I should be blaming you for not telling me even when she was sick. When did this happen? Am sorry for asking you, I thought Betty could narrate the whole story but she is not in her room.

I realized he had not seen ‘her’ girl from where he stood. He tried to apologize for the fight we had had some hours before and assured to stand with me in whatever way, especially this mourning moments. They had a carton of what I guessed was some shopping, which Kevin wanted to hand over to me when he realized I never wanted them to enter. All along I listened to his narrative without a mention of any single word.

” Kwani ni nini Sam utaki tukiingia? Iyo story Imedie brathe. Acha tukukalishe man tukiwatch mamovie alafu mi na hii rende yangu tujitoe gware..” ( What is it that you do not want us to enter? Forget about what had happened. We just want to spend the night with you to keep you busy as we watch movies. My team and I will leave early in the morning for our rooms)

he said as he removed his sneakers to leave them at the door.
Just as he was sneaking his head into my room, his eyes met with Betty!

He jumped aback, shocked, ” Hey hey, Sam and what’s happening here? What is Betty doing in your room? So this is what you had planned? Playing hide and seek to come fuck each other tonight? “

As if to confirm her presence, he stretched his hand pointing where Betty was for the other two boys to see. He continued to throw nasty words, as I hid behind the curtain to lift and fix my boxer. I forced my already hard member to cool and relax as I took in deep breaths continually to come in terms with the reality and be ready for anything. On seeing things may turn awry, Betty ran to the corner next to the lower side of my bed. She kept on shaking her hands and murmuring some words in a shaky voice. She was sobbing and cursing the day she was born.
Kevin kept on barking whatever word he felt was right for my ears,

all along have been suspecting you lusted for this whore. You are all assholes,a dog and a bitch. How? You mean you could not even give her time to at least get to bed? I wish Vanessa could wake up and witness this. How now?
Vanessa is fresh in mortuary and you are here, cocking every pussy you come aro... ”

I started to beg him to stop that since I feared the other students could be listening. I pretended that I never felt the impact of the insults just to prevent another fight, though he too was not for fight. After being warned by the security he had changed. I could see him weigh between her girl and our brotherhood.
I heard the opposite door freaking. It was the caretaker’s house. Somebody opened but stood at the door leaning on the wall against the door frame. I guessed it was 11.00 pm since he used to lock the gate at exact time. He used to hate noise and especially at late hours.
Sam and your friends, whatever you are arguing about, be it snatching other people’s girls and locking them or cheating your girlfriend is in mortuary so that you feast on those who sympathise with you, please spare our time. Can you hear anybody else yelling and barking like you are doing?”

He asked as he crossed over to my door step. He turned to face the trio and started scanning their faces in a bid to identify them.
I noted there was pin drop silence across the rooms, which was not the case the other days. People could be listening to their woofers though in a minimal voice. I knew that they have been listening but since I couldn’t control it, I decided to give it a cold shoulder.

When he could not identity their faces,..” The three of you do not reside here and please give us humble time. It is some minutes past 11 and so whatever issues you have, please discuss them tomorrow and from somewhere else. And as we speak, you should now be outside the gate. Okay?

He said with finality. I breathed with relief as they started making their steps to the gate.

Before they could disappear, I immediately locked the door and switched off the lights as I made countless clicks.

“Samike, why are you worried now? Take it easy. I am on your side , cute doll,” Betty said as she jumped and hang on my shoulders. She saucered her legs around my waist and tightened them as she added, ” don’t stress yourself, it is going to be fine. Kevin thinks he is the only man around, we should not give him space to think that he can have a say between us” I took a strong stamina as I cupped my hands under her butt. I carried her to the bed, three steps away. I was detaching her hands from my neck while placing her to the wall when she reminded me, ” But I can’t sleep this way. I have to change “…..

To be continued

Questions: Changing?? 😳 while she never came with her night dress!?

What shopping was Kevin carrying?

I can’t wait to hear what happens during the night. But do you think Sam will be seduced and give in while Vanessa is in Mortuary?

Sour Love 4


” What’s up now, where has he beaten you? Are you okay? ” I was quick to ask. She took her time to explain the whole story

When Kevin left us on the way, he went straight to her room to wait for her. He even expected that Betty catches with him before he gets to hostel J though he was already fed up with our closeness. He never imagined that her girlfriend could let him go while she was standing with another man, holding each other. When Betty later reached her room panting, the dude never even gave her time to take some breath. Quarrel ensued being asked all manner of questions about what happens between us. When she spoke to calm him, she was accused of defending me and covering the affair. She decided to ignore him and that’s when she got a slap followed by a kick which got her along her left rib cage. She dashed outside and ran leaving him there.

She complained of pain around the area where the kick got her. ” I can help, can we smear some deep heat? ” I asked as I checked around for the ointment. She nodded as she wiped the tears forming on her cheeks.
” Where exactly? ” I asked when I got the ointment ready. She pointed the area just below her left breast. I lifted her blouse to get full access. I decided to tuck the side of the blouse inside her bra, to give space. That’s when I saw and felt the warmth of the flesh making her breasts. As I scrubbed the ointment on her skin, she was swaying her body back and forth and making some groaning noise. I forced myself to ignore and continued. I saw her bit her lower lip when I stopped. She was already placing her soft hands on my shoulders and when I stopped scrubbing she never removed them. In that posture, I threw the Deep-heat Can on the table and wrapped my arms around her, with my eyes just above her forehead.

“Are you okay now?”, I asked.
“Mmmm, kinda ok”, she replied with a twerking voice. Her hands now shifting from my shoulders to my hair.

She started tangling her fingers through it making me feel electricity strike my spinal code. I do not disappoint. Some demonic guts filled me. I thought she wanted to feel close to a gentleman, and I had to prove that. I slid my hands down to her ass, one I have longed to. She had such a nice butt that could make any man forget his morals. I did my adventures there for sometime until she slowly slid one of her hands to my chest. The careful movements around that area made me feel as if this world was not ending soon. Before she could bring the other one, I had pinned her against the wall,with my hands on either side converging at her backside, I lifted her up against the wall making her skirt lift above her waist.

She wrapped her legs tightly around me throwing her head back as she gave out pleasurable moans. I pulled her closer to my chest, a feeling which made my member harden. Realising our mouths were just inches away, I pulled my neck a little bit then crashed my lips against hers.

Betty let out a strained moan as I deepened the kiss, tasting and sucking her lips fervently. I angled my mouth to get a better access when I felt her tongue beg for entrance. I gladly accepted. I felt as if my heart was going out of my chest, Ghai vava, Samike😇.

She kept on traveling her hands across my body as if they were in adventure. Slowly I heard her touch the hem of my boxer and touched my protruding man bulge. My knees felt like giving up. She never stopped there, she slowly started pulling it down and all over a sudden, It was past my knees…

I heard my phone beep. Without detaching my mouth from hers, I checked with the brim of my left eye. It was my dad. I had to jump immediately and pick. When dad calls late there must be a serious issue.

I will be picking you up tomorrow we go home. This strike is not ending soon” he told me with finality after the greetings. Shock. Confusion. Fading excitement. Shit!!!!

I cannot lie to him, he is a lecturer at the University of Eldoret and thus knows more about the strike more than I do. He knows my room and he is a former classmate and a close friend to the finance officer here in Moi University. That means he will be told about the story if they happen to share more. Again, Mama Vanessa is coming tomorrow and there are high chances of my dad getting us in the meeting. Ghai 😟😟

I looked at Betty again in the eyes, to see whether she is regretting but from the look of things she was begging for more. Hungrily I licked her lips and begged for entrance into her mouth with my tongue , she granted faster.I had had enough of back adventures and so I decided to enjoy her bossom. I captured her nipples on the outer side of her blouse and tried to roll them in circles. I thought it was her weak point,and alas! It was. She bend her hide and leaned it against my left chest-side with her hands laying helplessly on my two shoulders.

Within five minutes, I heard a knock from outside, which I ignored for the first and second times. On the third time, I decided to pause and open.

Hey Kevin, what do you want in my room at midnight?” Kevin was standing on the door with the same boys he was with at the Students center…..


To be continued…..

Questions : Will Kevin fight in from room? Remember I had not lifted my boxer since Betty lowered it and am in boxer and vest. Betty’s skirt is above her waist and she is standing next to me,against the wall.

How Will we convince him that there has been no affair?

How will Kevin handle this?


Sour Love 3

While entering the administration block entrance, I overheard somebody spell my phone contact since the reception for the security office is just opposite the entrance.

” Leave it, he is here”, Betty jumped up and down crying. She turned to me, ” Sam, you mean when I call you can’t even heed to my call? I told Kevin to call you and both of you come to the security office . Imagine how the security could have misunderstood me? You could even have come earlier before they came for you? ” I was puzzled. What the hell is happening? So you mean already the security was searching for me? Why? And Kevin never told me. I looked at him, he too seemed uneasy, confused. I could tell from his eyes, they were big as balls.

I asked Betty, ” What do you mean? I mean, I don’t have a clue of all what you’re talking about! “. He changed her tone, ” Cool sam, I was to come to your place,remember? But security men came looking for me and said I must write a statement about… “, she was cut short by the security guard who was holding my hands together, ” Are we coming to case or taking you to Valentine? You will have your time after this”, he pushed me to the side where the guard on duty was seated, “.. the two fools have been fighting at the students center, they need serious punishment. They even don’t seem to bother. Suspension will serve them better “. I took in a very deep breath. I was now sober and was feeling traumatised by what is unfolding every minute. I cursed myself and bend my head to hide the tears which were forming in my eyes.

“Who started the fight?, ” the officer in charge asked. This time my heart was burning with anger but I never wanted to show it. Tears were slowly forming in my eyes but I had to control them. In the first place I never wanted Betty, who has been crushing on me, to see my tears. I wanted to speak out when Kevin interjected, ” That man is the initiator of everything here. I just asked him what business he had with my girlfriend but instead of answering he barked back to me wanted to know what I could do. He was… “, the soldier cut him short. He turned to me asking ,” Where is his girlfriend, Mr wife snatcher? ” I pointed at Betty, who I realised was looking at me with wet eyes. She gasped loudly before taking a deep breath. I had seen in her face the what-the-hell-is-this look. She posed,looking irritated and facing Kevin, “Ghai, you fought because of me? ”
Kevin must have been amused by the question judging from the way he directed her bloodshot eyes on Betty. Maybe he was wondering why he was the only Betty was blaming but to me, I knew Betty could not betray me. She would always stand with me even when am in the wrong. The officer pointed at Kevin asking him to proceed. Instead he apologized for fighting and said I explain why I was after his girlfriend.
The officer seemed to have understood I had lost my girlfriend. I realized Betty had told them the whole story.

After Dispensary, as she was going to meet Kevin at his room in hostel F, she got a call from the head security guard to go and record a statement. She was too confused for losing such a close friend and since she is that kind of friend that Will stand by you come rain come sunshine, she went. She was yet to meet Kevin and thus had not shared the story of passing away of Vanessa. It was only known by her and I then the security after the nurse on duty forwarded the case. So as she was being interrogated my name surfaced as the boyfriend and the next closest person to be summoned. She never wanted to talk to me, I guess she suspected I was still crying. She texted Kevin to call me and the two of us follow her in the administration building. Instead, Kevin thought it’s a love triangle and decided to first deal with me. The fight.


I was given a foolscap to write my statement as the officer tried to calm Kevin . I must have heard him warn him that I was going through tough time, losing a girlfriend and a serious case waiting me thereafter. He told him the wise and best thing to do was to keep brother company for me to have a sense of identity. All this time Kevin was just nodding while Betty stared me with desperation. We were not given a chance to talk with Betty but I knew mentioning some pills will land her in hot soup. I did my statement and handed it over to the officer.
“Now, when are going to call you tomorrow once the parents of Vanessa come. The case will start after we have a meeting with them and nurses. You must also be there to tell us what you did to our student. There must be something, only that I don’t want you to panic as early as at now. I am going to release you, to go and sleep then tomorrow…. ” Betty could not hide her joy. She jumped up shouting “thank you thank you so so much “. I even wondered. Maybe she thought that we were going to spend the night in Kesses cells.

I started thinking of how my parents would react on hearing that am in a case involving a lost life of a girl and more so, the girl was trying to abort. My father is a lecturer in University of Eldoret and a very strict Disciplinarian. Before becoming a lecture in criminal Justice he was an administration police.
” …and you samike, it must be nasty but take it easy. We are with you and will pray for you during this trial moments”, I heard the guard say when he turned to face me. I at times felt the loss when anyone condoled me. I preferred losing my mind into different thoughts to scrab off the sombre mood. He wished us good night then we left.

Kevin was a few steps ahead of us with his hands tucked in his black leather hood as we followed with Betty. She struggled to make me lively to an extent of holding me across the waist and telling me all sorts of encouragement.


We stood for close to 30 minutes at the junction between hostels K, admin and the academic highway, just next to the National Bank signboard. Betty was residing in J and I in stage so we had to part, for her to follow Kevin who was nowhere to be seen. We hugged and she left.

In my room every thing looked messy. The utensils were dirty and the bed was not made. Since Vanessa feel sick I had never slept in my room. I used to spend in her place looking after my sweet pumpkin. I decided I was not going to cook but rather just sleep and weep to at least vent. I changed to boxer and vest but before I switched the lights off, I heard a knock at the door.
” Sam please open, its Betty. Kevin wants to beat me”.
Without hesitation, I opened for her and locked the door immediately.


****** to be continued.

Questions: Betty is here, She has been crushing on me for a long time. Vanessa is not around.

Why was Kevin beating her? And what will happen if he follows her to my room? Bethel room 5

Sour Love 2

previously on Vanessa Part 1



I was carried by a pool of thoughts to not trace my phone when I heard it ring. It was an incoming call from a new number. I gathered guts and received it “Hello”

A male voice answered from the other end ,” Hello, where are you?” I took not less than five seconds without answering back and trying to connect the voice. I could get it and asked, ” Who am I talking to please? ”

He answered back, this time round sounding agitated, ” Am Kevin and want to meet you right now, have got your number from Betty “. I almost felt like asking him where Betty was because it was in very rare cases Kevin called me. He knows am friend to his girlfriend but when I welcome them for either bash, he doesn’t turn up. ” Let’s meet at the Students center in 10 minutes time,” he added before hanging up.

He is a slim, tall and dark guy with a very flat chest unlike mine. Last semester I was frequent visitor to the gym in Nature Springs and it’s where I built my athletic body. The curvings in my chest and biceps were visible when wearing t shirts. In most cases Betty used to confess how she was craving for my hangouts, taking selfies while either holding my waist or my chest. I cannot hide it, I too loved the way she carefully placed her hands on me. Vanessa never liked the craziness but she was the first to post them in Facebook, tag me, Betty and Kevin. I however realised Kevin never liked the idea of Betty being such close to me. At times they could argue about the same and stop talking for quite some time until Vanessa intervened. That’s why the love between the two girls was so strong. At times Vanessa could leak to me some chats between her and Betty, in most cases being warned to keep off our company. Kevin was envious.

I was still trying to trace him around the seats opposite the students center when I felt a strong hand tap my shoulder from behind. I turned immediately to meet two new faces and Kevin sat behind them.

” He is calling you “, one of the boys told me as he pointed to Kevin who was now standing from where he sat. ” I just want to know what exactly are you doing with Betty. I even wonder, you have your girlfriend yet you still spend a day with my girl. Since morning have not seen her,” he seemed very fumed and ready for a wrestle so I decided to just be dumb as he kept on throwing tantrums on me. I took a deep breath to cool my tempers. He was crossing the boundaries and taking advantage of me. ” … or do you have four balls? Do you want me to go and fuck your Van..”, I cut him shot, ” Stop at there. So what do want in short”, I asked with my heart trembling and shaking of anger. In as much as I respected him, I could not stomach that. I was ready for anything and most probably a fight. I saw it coming.

I don’t know what was wrong with my question but I remember getting a blow directly in my nose, followed by another one in my jaw before I managed to throw a kick which hit him below the belt.

It must have tempered with his member


because he took a step back. He jumped with his fist ready to hit my forehead before I suddenly saw somebody jump in between us and hold him. I heard a sharp slap hit my cheek from behind, ” why are you fighting from here?”, a security personnel asked me. The pain of the slap was slowly penetrating in my flesh. I hesitated to answer thinking that Kevin will start a narrative to beg for forgiveness. ” Let’s go, I am just going hand you over to the security office right now”, he added as he frog matched us towards the administration building.

They two boys left the moment they heard the men in green talk of security office.

I was almost 9.00 pm so people could not recognize us. We never talked through the way to administration building.


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